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Body Treatments
Garden Mint Algae Body Mask and Wrap

Healing and Detoxifying - A light exfoliation is provided before this highly potent herbal and deep-sea therapeutic body mask is applied and you are cocooned.  The algae body masque is formulated to stimulate circulation and cell regeneration as well as restore moisture and add a glow.   Ivy, pellitory, cucumber, elder, and arnica extracts are combined with garden mint essential oil and are infused into a glycerin, kelp, and marine algae.  The unique combination of algae's (kelp, spirulina, marine algae, and others), essential oils and herbal extracts create two body masque formulations rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  Includes a scalp and foot massage followed with a rejuvenating shower.

30 min $48.99

Hair and Scalp Treatment & Massage

This is one our most loved treatments!  First your feet are cocooned in a warm paraffin wrap.  Then Moroccan oil is applied to your hair and scalp and brushed and brushed through, followed by a stimulating scalp massage.  Hot towels are wrapped to help the Moroccan oil penetrate.  While the oil is penetrating your lower legs and feet are massaged to perfection.  More brushing and massage is applied to your scalp bringing you to the finale.  You will shower and leave relaxed with incredibly healthy hair.  

30 min 54.99

Green Coffee Exfoliating Scrub/Body Wrap

This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body's ability to break down fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention.  Pure 100%, Micronized Green Coffee, naturally rich Chlorogenic Acid, Polysaccharides, Proteins and Essential Oils, smooth and enhance your skin's overall texture, visibly reducing spongy, cellulite areas.  This treatment will be massaged onto and all over your body.  Once that has been achieved, you will be cocooned and a foot massage with reflexology along with a scalp will be given.  You shower and leave feeling and looking great!

35 min $75.99

Dead Sea Salt Body Polish

Achieve moist, glowing, satin-smooth skin, stimulated by an invigorating body scrub with desert salt that is rich in trace minerals. The scrub is massaged over your entire body, exfoliating away the top layers of old dead skin. It also has a very detoxifying effect.

30 min $45.99

Anti-Cellulite / Body Sculpting

Smooth, Slim, Tone! Dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite with a quick penetrating formula that utilizes the detoxifying properties of JADE and the invigorating powers of Ginseng and Caffeine. This formula is applied to targeted areas and they are manipulated with a patented GUA SHA tool. It works!

$24.99 added to any 50 plus min service

Inch Reduction / Detox Wrap

Lose 4 - 15 inches over your entire body.  Experience firsthand why male and female celebrities worldwide frequently indulge in this treatment.  Your entire body is wrapped in linens soaked in warm aloe and a secret all natural solution that breaks down and draws out toxins that reside within cells.  Not water loss!  We suggest you add on our Hair and Scalp Treatment & Massage or On-the-Go facial, during this treatment while the solution does its thing.

90 min $91.99

Brown Sugar Polish

A luxuriously relaxing exfoliation treatment of warmed brown sugar is massaged over your entire body to exfoliate tired and dead skin. This will recondition the texture and tone of your skin to perfection with the sugar's natural humectants properties.  This scrub is more hydrating and replenishing than others.  You leave with the balance of your own jar to use at home and continue the glow for months. 

30 min $55.99 (includes take home jar $20 value)